Tuesday, 2 June 2015

IVF treatment in India | Infertility Treatment in India

Infertility can be a trouble which may ruin your entire life. We always want our family to grow, and have the kids which make your home. Not having them may put you in great discomfort and trouble, and may become a barrier in your happiness. Thanks to the advancement in medical industry which has found a successful alternative for those couples who are not able to conceive normally. There are different medical procedures which can ensure that even after a long time of your marriage, you can conceive and complete your family. The most popular infertility treatment in India is IVF which is being adopted by thousands of people with great success.
IVF is essentially a treatment which cures the general as well as complex issues in the males and females, and makes the lady able to conceive. No matter who has the problem, but this situation can be too complicated if you do not get the results after multiple attempts. Many people suggest you different ways, and suggest you to go for different treatments. But IVF has the ability to make your dream come true without charging you too much. Other than that, there are many more treatments which are also as successful as IVF. Let's discuss about each in details:
IVF - In-Vitro Fertilisation or IVF is perhaps the most popular fertility treatment across the world. It is basically a procedure of controlling the ovulatory process which eventually results in female conceiving. It is a highly advanced treatment in which the ova is received and fertilised with sperm in a liquid medium. After that, the fertilised egg, known as zygote is planted in female. A popular name to the babies born by this method is test tube babies, which they are known because the entire procedure is carried out in a test tube.
ICSI - It is also known as Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection. The procedure is applied when the female sperm count in not up to the mark. In this process, the extracted sperm is directly injected to the female. This process is very complicated and is generally carried out if IVF fails. Also, this procedure has highest success rate. 
MESA - Micro-Epididymal Sperm Injection is a process applied to the male partner. The process involves incising by exposing the epididymis and testicles of the male. After extracting the sperm, it is then injected in the female. Better sperm quality is the most essential factor in this method which governs the success rate.
Ovarian Drilling - this treatment is also known as laparoscopic ovarian diathermy which is used in the case of PCO or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The procedure is best suited if the female suffers from egg release irregularity. This procedure involves incision in the ovary. The procedure triggers ovulation in the females.
There are many more fertility treatments other than above mentioned ones. The success rate varies from one procedure to another, but all of them are quite popular amongst patients. Every single year, thousands of people from all parts of the world come to India to seek fertility treatment in India. It can be a great solution for you if you are suffering from infertility issues.

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