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Scope of Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney transplant: As we know very basic that a kidney transplant is done when kidney in a human body is not functioning properly and its a surgery where healthy kidney is inserted into a person.

Kidney transplants are among most casual transplant operations in India. Indian Doctors holds very significant position in holding a high successful ratio in these type of surgeries. Its an average that more than 3300 kidney transplant operations are taking place in India every year & many more could be done if Kidney's are available. As In India Kidney transplant is governed by Indian Law whereby a Healthy kidney can be donated to a person who are under family tree ( Family Tree can be defined as " In a blood relations only" ). After kidney transplant kidney works normally.
Why Kidney Transplant required
Function of kidney is to pull waste from blood & balance body fluids, formation of urine, and helps in performing other important functions of the body & when Kidney don't able to discharge such purification functions then its not functioning properly. And in kidney transplant one donated kidney is required to replace the past work done by patient's kidneys.
Procedure to be followed in India for Kidney transplant:
In India the very first procedure to be followed is to get consent of medical committee. In India before initiating the procedures every hospital will arrange a medical committee meeting in Which doctors from hospital itself & government appointed doctors will participate & check the relation of donor & done. If they cleared this then the doctors will check out the suitability of done's kidney .
Later after passing the first stage donor will be placed under general anesthesia before surgery.
For Patient : A person who is getting a kidney are given general anesthesia before surgery.
The doctors will insert a donated kidney inside lower belly.In the whole process the artery and vein of the new kidney are connected to the artery and vein in patient. Patient's blood flows through the new kidney, which makes urine just like his own kidney did earlier. The tube that carries urine (ureter) is then attached to the bladder. Patient kidneys are left in place unless they are causing a medical problem. , unless they are creating high blood pressure, infections, or are too large for your body. The wound is then closed.
Kidney transplant is of around 3 hours duration. 
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