Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Scope of Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney transplant: As we know very basic that a kidney transplant is done when kidney in a human body is not functioning properly and its a surgery where healthy kidney is inserted into a person.

Kidney transplants are among most casual transplant operations in India. Indian Doctors holds very significant position in holding a high successful ratio in these type of surgeries. Its an average that more than 3300 kidney transplant operations are taking place in India every year & many more could be done if Kidney's are available. As In India Kidney transplant is governed by Indian Law whereby a Healthy kidney can be donated to a person who are under family tree ( Family Tree can be defined as " In a blood relations only" ). After kidney transplant kidney works normally.
Why Kidney Transplant required
Function of kidney is to pull waste from blood & balance body fluids, formation of urine, and helps in performing other important functions of the body & when Kidney don't able to discharge such purification functions then its not functioning properly. And in kidney transplant one donated kidney is required to replace the past work done by patient's kidneys.
Procedure to be followed in India for Kidney transplant:
In India the very first procedure to be followed is to get consent of medical committee. In India before initiating the procedures every hospital will arrange a medical committee meeting in Which doctors from hospital itself & government appointed doctors will participate & check the relation of donor & done. If they cleared this then the doctors will check out the suitability of done's kidney .
Later after passing the first stage donor will be placed under general anesthesia before surgery.
For Patient : A person who is getting a kidney are given general anesthesia before surgery.
The doctors will insert a donated kidney inside lower belly.In the whole process the artery and vein of the new kidney are connected to the artery and vein in patient. Patient's blood flows through the new kidney, which makes urine just like his own kidney did earlier. The tube that carries urine (ureter) is then attached to the bladder. Patient kidneys are left in place unless they are causing a medical problem. , unless they are creating high blood pressure, infections, or are too large for your body. The wound is then closed.
Kidney transplant is of around 3 hours duration. 
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We as medical expert & facilitators offers the best services for entire transplant requirements. We have the best eminent specialists of the country who offer diagnosis, treatment, surgical services and rehabilitation services. Also, we lead you towards faster recovery through our treatment, education, support and rehabilitation services.
• We have the dedicated team of surgeons and anesthesiologists providing excellent pre, intra and post-operative care. They all practicing in leading super specialty hospitals of India.
• Our doctors and surgeons are supported by highly skilled physiotherapists and therapists providing out-patients, in-patients and domiciliary care to the patients.
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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Indian Hospital going Virtual for Popularity & Convenience

All most all super specialist hospitals in India are using mobile applications to attract the patients. With help of mobile applications patients can take the appointment with doctors, seek cost of treatments, see the contact details and can also see their laboratory reports. Its like booking travelling tickets "One solutions for the patients". Most of doctors & medical tourism companies are very much active on Whatsapp to reach the international patients. It is very much convenient means of communication. Dr Rajiv Singla MD Medicine associate panel doctor screening at India Medicare Solutions, New Delhi (India) is of view that "Apart from establishing a good contact with us , it is also very much feasible to have a fair view of medical illness of patients.
Nigeria patient Albert Ucknonik 50, Arrived New Delhi, India through www.Indiaforsurgery.com in February 2015 for Knee Replacement "Through Mobile application it is very much easy to see the lab reports and also my friends & family used to see the reports, Its wonderful". 

On Call
With Another option available on apps for android & iOS users, There is option of "Call Me" option which is basically for emergency cases, Where patient feels that he needs that he should approach the Hospital people urgently in that case patient or attend should ping the "Call me" option and immediately ambulance will arrive at the near by accommodation place of the patient. For such service some hospitals are generally charging the nominal amounts, Where post surgery are performed and where patient is alone travelling in that case it is very much helpful. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Don’t let Cancer to take Away your smile (India's Role)

Overview (Cancer treatment in India)
Indian medical Oncology provides world’s finest & updated treatment in the management of cancer where chemotherapy and allied drugs are used. It can be opined that while treating cancer patient Quality care & constant observations are required to cure the cancer and Constantly growing high success rate in curing the cancer is due to innovation & hard efforts of Indian Doctors and Scientists. In India doctors works in associative teams with a span of supportive care departments in one setting and it is very much important to develop diagnosis and treatment plans.

What causes cancer? 
Cancer is caused as a result of cells that wildly grow and do not die. Normal in human body cells grow & follow the path of their division and death. There are some programmed cell death which is called apoptosis and when this process breaks down cancer begins to take place. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells do not experience programmatic death and instead continue to grow and divide. This leads to a huge formation of abnormal cells that grows out of control & causes cancer.

Symptoms Of cancer

1.   Abnormal knot in body
2.   Changes in testicles
3.   Changes in washroom habits. .  
4.   Changes in skin. 
5.    Indigestion or troubling in swallowing.. 
6.   Persistent cough or hoarseness
7.   Patches in mouth
8.   Unexplained weight loss
        9.   Persistent fewer or pain
        10. Constant fatigue
 Treatments In India For cancer
Indian Doctors are eminent in treating cancer through

  •     Radiation Oncology : Where Radiation along with chemotherapy is given to the patient, It is very important that how much amount of radiation & chemo to be given it is only reason of its successive cure. Doctors in India while treating patients form a panel of doctors who studies what amount of radiation need to be given and therefore the treatments goes on.
  •     Surgical Oncology: Where doctors found that cancer cells are developing in particular      area of body & therefore through surgery that affected area to be operated and cancer cells are removed.
  •     Bone marrow Transplant: Bone marrow in human body is meant to produce white Blood cells & red blood cells and therefore when Bone marrow is unable to produce these cells then through surgery and bone marrow is inserted which results in producing new cells and curing the cancer.

What we do ?
We as medical experts updated with present eminent oncology doctors in India who already performed so many successful surgeries & cancer treatments in India and also doing innovation work with association with leading pharmaceuticals companies and scientist. We share the patient’s present reports with those doctors and accordingly the best cost & treatment to be provided. We holds a opinion that all chemotherapies are prescribed and managed by a highly experienced team of Medical Oncologists, who are also well versed in managing their side effects.

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Glaucoma a silent thief of eye vision

What is Glaucoma ?
"Glaucoma is a serious threat which damages optic nerve which results in eye vision loss"  It is a reality that once vision lost due to glaucoma can't be back. Eye drops & laser operation are used to its expansion and also to slow down its growth which is usually damaging from occurring. It is very important that periodically eye examination is required to prevent vision loss because this disease can worsen without your being aware of it.When A human being getting a running water in his/her eyes then its a symptoms of glaucoma. Further It is most essential that blood related people of glaucoma patient should be various cautious and vigilant as it is a generation gift.
Glaucoma can be controlled with eye drops & pills. These measures decreases eye pressure, either by slowing the production of aqueous fluid or by improving the flow through the drainage angel & such measures are for life time. Patient must take them regularly. There are different companies who are providing eye drops.There may be some side effects of eye drops which may cause allergy in eyes or because of it eyes got red.
What We do ?
As a leading medical facilitators in India. We offers wide range of eye specialist clinics, The Doctors are qualified and holds a good experiences in treating eyes cases. For Glaucoma it is important to know how much of vision has been lost and accordingly treatment to be provided. Doctors in India are efficient enough to give high success rate & to stop its further expansion. Being partnered with eminent eye doctors and hospitals in India we provides customize packages for the eye treatments according to Patient's need & also sought best opinions with different doctors and deliver our quality and trusted work.
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