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Don’t let Cancer to take Away your smile (India's Role)

Overview (Cancer treatment in India)
Indian medical Oncology provides world’s finest & updated treatment in the management of cancer where chemotherapy and allied drugs are used. It can be opined that while treating cancer patient Quality care & constant observations are required to cure the cancer and Constantly growing high success rate in curing the cancer is due to innovation & hard efforts of Indian Doctors and Scientists. In India doctors works in associative teams with a span of supportive care departments in one setting and it is very much important to develop diagnosis and treatment plans.

What causes cancer? 
Cancer is caused as a result of cells that wildly grow and do not die. Normal in human body cells grow & follow the path of their division and death. There are some programmed cell death which is called apoptosis and when this process breaks down cancer begins to take place. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells do not experience programmatic death and instead continue to grow and divide. This leads to a huge formation of abnormal cells that grows out of control & causes cancer.

Symptoms Of cancer

1.   Abnormal knot in body
2.   Changes in testicles
3.   Changes in washroom habits. .  
4.   Changes in skin. 
5.    Indigestion or troubling in swallowing.. 
6.   Persistent cough or hoarseness
7.   Patches in mouth
8.   Unexplained weight loss
        9.   Persistent fewer or pain
        10. Constant fatigue
 Treatments In India For cancer
Indian Doctors are eminent in treating cancer through

  •     Radiation Oncology : Where Radiation along with chemotherapy is given to the patient, It is very important that how much amount of radiation & chemo to be given it is only reason of its successive cure. Doctors in India while treating patients form a panel of doctors who studies what amount of radiation need to be given and therefore the treatments goes on.
  •     Surgical Oncology: Where doctors found that cancer cells are developing in particular      area of body & therefore through surgery that affected area to be operated and cancer cells are removed.
  •     Bone marrow Transplant: Bone marrow in human body is meant to produce white Blood cells & red blood cells and therefore when Bone marrow is unable to produce these cells then through surgery and bone marrow is inserted which results in producing new cells and curing the cancer.

What we do ?
We as medical experts updated with present eminent oncology doctors in India who already performed so many successful surgeries & cancer treatments in India and also doing innovation work with association with leading pharmaceuticals companies and scientist. We share the patient’s present reports with those doctors and accordingly the best cost & treatment to be provided. We holds a opinion that all chemotherapies are prescribed and managed by a highly experienced team of Medical Oncologists, who are also well versed in managing their side effects.

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