Friday, 3 April 2015

Glaucoma a silent thief of eye vision

What is Glaucoma ?
"Glaucoma is a serious threat which damages optic nerve which results in eye vision loss"  It is a reality that once vision lost due to glaucoma can't be back. Eye drops & laser operation are used to its expansion and also to slow down its growth which is usually damaging from occurring. It is very important that periodically eye examination is required to prevent vision loss because this disease can worsen without your being aware of it.When A human being getting a running water in his/her eyes then its a symptoms of glaucoma. Further It is most essential that blood related people of glaucoma patient should be various cautious and vigilant as it is a generation gift.
Glaucoma can be controlled with eye drops & pills. These measures decreases eye pressure, either by slowing the production of aqueous fluid or by improving the flow through the drainage angel & such measures are for life time. Patient must take them regularly. There are different companies who are providing eye drops.There may be some side effects of eye drops which may cause allergy in eyes or because of it eyes got red.
What We do ?
As a leading medical facilitators in India. We offers wide range of eye specialist clinics, The Doctors are qualified and holds a good experiences in treating eyes cases. For Glaucoma it is important to know how much of vision has been lost and accordingly treatment to be provided. Doctors in India are efficient enough to give high success rate & to stop its further expansion. Being partnered with eminent eye doctors and hospitals in India we provides customize packages for the eye treatments according to Patient's need & also sought best opinions with different doctors and deliver our quality and trusted work.
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